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                         An Exclusive Interview with
                         Charles Goodwin
                        author of

                     The Secrets Of
                       Wealth Creation Revealed.

                                                     Part One

Charles Goodwin is surely an enigma and a challenge to one's concepts of reality.

Charles is a deeply spiritual, multi-dimensional mystic whose esoteric writings, experiences and personal emails have helped thousands of seekers throughout the world and from all faiths, to realize their true self  -  beyond the dross of the ego, conditioning and belief systems.

Yet when he discusses Wealth Creation – and how an average person like you or me can achieve multi-millionaire status - he becomes almost childlike in his addictive enthusiasm. It is as if he is on a personal crusade to free individuals from the inherent fear of poverty and debt.

"Only when all desires are relinquished and seen as but illusory obstacles to both one's spiritual and material well being can Masterhood be attained. On this exciting journey of Wealth Creation I will lead you to yourself and freedom."

The interview got off to a shaky and unexpected start. I began this interview by asking Charles to explain the apparent paradox of mixing spirituality and wealth creation.

“Charles when I was going through a personal crisis in my life you helped me on a spiritual level to get through those traumatic times and I am, and always will be exceedingly grateful, yet with respect, in this interview, I would like to “take the gloves off” and ask the hard questions of you.”

“By all means please, indeed, “take the gloves off”. The gloves you speak of are mere ego barriers - intellectual concepts that you have held onto – for some as yet unknown reason. So free yourself of such burdens, yes?  Perhaps you find my teachings hypocritical?”

“Charles, can we hang on a moment please, it seems you have already turned this conversation back - about me. I thought I was interviewing you.”

“My dear Mark, all your observations, sensations, thoughts and belief systems stem from you. You are the center of your own consciousness. The exterior world is, and has to be, but a mirror of your own being. If there is conflict in your mind the first step is to recognize that it is your conflict not mine - or another's.”

At this point I gulped and was a little lost for words. Charles’ knowing eyes seemed to look straight into my soul and I felt tears already welling into my eyes. It isn’t often so much as what Charles says, but the energy that one feels as he talks. We go about our daily life with so many necessary masks, false-faces, burdens etc just to get through the daily toil and then you meet someone who sees straight past the “act” to the center of the real you. I felt vulnerable and as a child. I knew well Charles uses all sorts of techniques to prod one from one's sleepy contentment to the awakening of the spirit - yet he still took me by surprise.

“Mark if you have an inner conflict between spirituality and wealth – let it out. We cannot discuss wealth creation at any meaningful level if there is a dark negative cloud of hypocrisy hanging over us.”

“OK let me fire it straight at you. Spirituality and wealth seem to be at the opposite poles. The more money and wealth you control the less spiritual you are – the less money - wealth you amass the more spiritual. How can an individual on the spiritual path spend his time seemingly creating wealth as a sideline?”

“Ah, but the term "spiritual path" is a fallacy and steeped in duality. The “path” by definition is a dualistic concept of the ego mind, is it not? God is totality yet each side of your “judgmental” path is “non-God”? And where can such an illusory path lead except back to yourself?  Be total – embrace all. You are totality in consciousness. Behind the dross of belief systems, intellectual concepts and your conditioning is the real you. When you are centered in that “real you” you will come to realize that you are totality. Life becomes a play/creation in consciousness. This "life" is an illusion but nether-the-less real for this physical existence. Creativity is the essence of God, so whether you create wealth or an oil painting or design a mighty building, remember always - God is the doer not the ego mind.”

“Charles you obviously see existence from the universal and multi-dimensional aspect yet I live in this real world full of conflict and suffering.”

“Yet you cannot see the suffering caused by the “believers” all walking upon their narrow judgmental paths of righteousness?  To a mystic, how foolish and ignorant they appear. Do they “think” or “believe” Heaven is divided into sectarian ghettos of belief systems? These fearful people are ill not spiritual – their fears cage them into sects and religions so ego-intense that they will even justify killing each other in defense of such absurd belief systems. (To Charles all belief systems are absurd.) Countless millions of innocents have died and many more will die until this humankind has a revolutionary shift in consciousness. So lets get rid of this "doctrinal path" syndrome. Enough to say "I am" - not I am on this path or that path.”

“Yet I find I have to believe in something – If I don’t, I fear I will be vulnerable and alone in this world. I want to believe in God – in love - in the ultimate goodness of man.”

“You say 'I want to believe in God'  The "I" is but the ego mind - "want" is but that same ego mind "desiring" - "believe" is an intellectual concept of the mind - "God" is but the subject of that belief. Know that “You are”  “God is” “Love is” “Man is inherently good etc ” - then there exists no need for “belief”.  A belief is an intellectual concept given special validity by the ego-mind. Knowingness is a present tense attribute born from direct experience. If another tells you that the sun will not rise in the east tomorrow you will merely laugh and perhaps think how foolish the statement is – you will not want to kill him with thoughts words and deeds because he dared to threaten your fragile belief systems.”

“So you are saying that I have developed this “belief” that wealth and the spiritual are polar opposites when in fact they are not connected?”

“Surely it is a matter of attachment is it not? If one is attached to material possessions or a belief system, the result is the same - inevitable conflict. The connectivity is the attachment, which the fear laden ego mind creates to shore up its own credentials. When Jesus discussed how hard it was for the rich man to get to (experience) heaven (attain enlightenment), the master meant that the attachment to the wealth was the barrier. The wealth itself was impersonal (and in fact an illusion). Attachment (illusion of ownership) is quite different than stewardship over wealth.

I distinctly began to feel this particular barrier in me disintegrating. I have read that masters tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. However Charles had not yet finished putting me through the ringer.

“Mark, before we get on the subject of Wealth Creating, and as you are recording this interview, I will leave you with a few observations.”

I nodded with docile acceptance.

“When you have the time – go into the root cause of this notion of spirituality and wealth. Ask yourself at a deep level - are you scared to fail – thus needed an excuse not to commit to success. Or are you aware that you do not have the drive that others have to succeed and a little jealousy or envy exists. Perhaps you may even fear success because you do not think you deserve success. Know that these notions are all false and just a product of your conditioning, yet fearlessly going in to them is the only way to dissipate the illusion. Behind all these layers of dust is the real you and that “true self” is creativity - is love - is spiritual.”

I nodded and my nod was almost the nod of embarrassment. Charles had cut through my defenses like a hot knife through butter. I knew I could not ask any more “tough questions” – Humility and respect had replaced the agro side of my nature.

Part Two

“Part of the essence of your teaching is that the wealth creator student should see the difference between gaining income and wealth creating. Is this so and could you elaborate please?”

“Yes of course. As you are aware The Secrets Of Wealth Creation Revealed (as well as many other articles that I’ve written) cover my principles most fully. These principles of wealth creating have now been tried and tested across the globe in almost every major country. They are easy to follow, time and start up capital is immaterial, debt free, and do not rely on intellectual acumen or status in life. In this wealth program, women are equal to men and so often succeed quicker to millionaire status than men. Men at first seem to look for complications and miss the simplicity of the whole game. “It can’t be that easy” “Where’s the catch! etc”

“Women are more trusting?”

“More that they seem to spot a bargain a mile off! LOL” 

The innocent almost boyishness look was now beaming on Charles’ face and I knew he was now operating from a completely different level than before. I now felt at ease and relaxed.

“I first try to get people to truly understand what a millionaire in fact is. Most people think at some level, a millionaire is a person with a million bucks in the bank. If it’s not in cash, they quip, the wealth is merely on paper and thus in some way transitory.

A millionaire of course is a person whose net assets would reasonably sell in a non-fire sale situation for a minimum of a million dollars. "

"Yes I agree - that would also be my definition of a millionaire."

"Quite so - yet when I ask them to imagine that right in front of me upon this table, is a small pile of gold currently worth $1,000,000.00 and ask them if I am a millionaire - most answer, ‘yes of course.’ They are correct. However, the seeds of doubt begin to emerge when I either state that I paid just 300k for the gold that morning - or alternatively paid 1.5 million for the gold. Often after much debate I have to ram the lesson home - " It’s not what you pay for the gold  – it’s what you can sell it for." 

I then proceed to ask them – Now I have a million dollars worth of toothpaste in front of me – am I still a millionaire? And I would like to add that I had the toothpaste given to me.

By now the consensus would be that once I’ve sold the toothpaste, received the million dollars, I would be a millionaire. Wrong of course!

Lesson two becomes - the Wealth Creation process begins at the time of acquisition, not at the time of sale. That is, when a million dollars worth of gold (or toothpaste) is changed to a million dollars in cash, the net assets still equals one million dollars. My wealth total has not altered at that point. In truth, in this example, I actually became a millionaire when the toothpaste was given to me.

So if I take one hundred dollars to a garage or boot sale or charity shops or auctions etc and snap up absolute bargains - that I know I can sell in total for $450.00 - I have created extra wealth at the time of purchase of $350.00. I am now worth $350 more than I was just a few moments ago.

         Clatter – the penny drops!  Spend your way to mega-wealth.

When I get the $450 in sales and go to a few more boot sales and buy items that are now worth $1200 it is important to understand that in one transaction cycle I have turned my measly $100.00 into $1200.00 of created wealth. You see I am not only becoming wealthier but I am learning to become a Wealth Creator. It matters not what the commodity is - as long as you pre-know the approximate price you can sell it on for and that you pick it up for a fraction of that price." 

"Yes, I particularly loved your article ''Turning dross into Gold." I have been following those principles with a friend of mine and I have to say our Gold pile is increasing just as you promised it would. It just seems too easy?"

"It is easy - and fun - and I assure you it gets easier as you go. Now compare all this to income. A guy brings home to his wife and kids a $1000.00 in income – out of that he’ll pay his mortgage, food, power, car, credit card etc and maybe – just maybe - have one hundred dollars left. The wife puts this money into a savings account at 4 percent interest.

$1000.00 earned/income and this couples wealth total goes up by just a paltry $100.00. You see, we have been conditioned into accepting that income and investing is the way to financial independence. No wonder most people fail financially."

“So you are also saying that wealth creating and investing are two different concepts.”

“Absolutely! Investing is the future. Wealth Creating is NOW. I want my assets to rise the second I spend money not at some future date.  Investing is like speculation – one hopes and prays events turn out as planned. An investor might put $400,000 into a property and hope it rises in value. A Wealth Creator buys the same property at $350,000 and increases his wealth by $50,000.00 at the time contracts are exchanged."

“You also say that wealth creating is not about running a business.”

“Heck no! The poor business proprietor is like the man that brings the thousand dollars home to his wife. From the turnover, all the bills must be paid and one hopes a profit evolves. From the profit he may decide to use it to add to his wealth total. A wealth Creator goes straight for the jugular – pure and simple Wealth Creation.”

“Your methods imply that the wealth is allowed to accumulate. Don’t most people naturally spend the money as they make it?”

“Look, if they begin to spend the money as they make it they have missed the whole point. $100.00 can be turned into a million dollars so damn easily and quickly. We are talking about compounding the total in the early stages at about 200% - 300% minimum every 2-3 months. My $100.00 will easily grow to $40,000 -$50,000 in the first year. The second and third years are the boom years to set you up for mega wealth.

Once a budding wealth creator accomplishes the principles, he or she will never need to fear poverty or failure again. It's fun. It's Interesting and simple. And almost anybody can do it!

Surely for such rewards most people can discipline themselves just for a short time to give themselves and their families a chance. Wealth Creating, like driving a car, becomes second nature. Once you have practiced the procedures for a couple of years, you tend to continue automatically.

I previously mentioned the guy who brought home the $1000.00 income – now if his wife read and embraced The Secrets Of Wealth Creation Revealed – took that $100.00 surplus and followed the book faithfully, that family would also would either be millionaire status within three to four years or within reach of that goal. Thereafter the sky is truly the limit."

We talked further for about 30 minutes and discussed some personal issues I was going through. He granted me private label rights to use this article on my new website and also permission to re-print his previous articles.

These articles coupled with The Secrets Of Wealth Creation Revealed has to be the most dynamic wealth creation writings since Napolion Hill's Think and Grow Rich was first published. Charles  give more than mere hope to the poor and financially struggling. His writings are not like the hundreds of "motivational" type books out there. That is, " Think positive and all will happen" type of publications.

Charles' book works on many levels and actually shows you how it is done. Like a manual to wealth, it gives a step by step guide to Wealth Creation. The book has been out a few years now and many, many people throughout the world swear by it. Absolutely everyone should have this book in their library and read it at least 3 times.

To Your success

Mark LeRouge

by Webmaster Mark LeRouge
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