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Tips on Booking a Honeymoon Cruise

By Alex Stewart

Cruises are romantic, relatively all-inclusive and a wonderful way to see a variety of ports on board a glamorous ship - making them a premier choice for honeymooners. If you're planning on booking a honeymoon cruise, keep reading for great tips on how to book a beautifully romantic honeymoon cruise vacation.

Check the Ship's Age Restrictions

Because your honeymoon is a romantic holiday, you may want to opt for a cruise that is geared specifically toward couples and adults rather than families with children.

Most cruise lines offer sailings and ships that have age restrictions. These boats are typically restricted to unmarried individuals over the age of 25 and married individuals over the age of 21. Before you book an age-restricted cruise, make sure you meet the ship's requirements.

Splurge on Something

Either book a small, inside cabin on a luxurious ship or a larger cabin on a smaller ship, but try to splurge on something. You're supposed to be saving for your new life, but you don't want to remember your honeymoon

as being cramped inside a sardine tin. Remember to call ahead to have a bottle of champagne waiting for you when you arrive.

Read Traveler Reviews

Before you book a romantic honeymoon cruise, read through online traveler reviews. By reading other honeymooners' and vacationers' notes about their experiences, you'll get an accurate idea about the ambience of the ship, the quality of its facilities, food and accommodations.

Book for Your Interests

If you plan on actually leaving your cabin, book a cruise that appeals to your interests. If you both love wine tasting, then opt for a cruise that includes shore-side wine tours and nightly wine tasting. If you're into adventure travel, look for something that offers scuba diving alongside rock climbing and spelunking.

Remember, for almost every interest, there's a cruise that caters to it, so you should be able to find just about any specialty you desire.

Get Married On Board

Many ships offer wedding packages that allow couples to even get married on board. Fully catered and officiated by the ship's captain, cruise ship marriages are easy to organize and legal.

If you're looking for a "destination wedding" that includes a honeymoon, a cruise wedding is simple and definitely doable. Typically, cruise lines (like Carnival Cruises) offer wedding packages that range from a simple ceremony with cake and decorations to fully catered events that include an open bar, entertainment and shore-side activities.

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