Low Budget Cruises
Best Deals On Cruises
By Robbie Claus

Let's define deal. A deal in this case is a bargain arrangement for mutual advantage. A deal is only a good deal if everyone is happy. To provide you with a good deal, as your cruise agent we first get to know you. We spend time finding out what would make you excited about your vacation. Is it the destination that is your main priority? Or maybe it's the journey. Are you bringing the kids? Or is it a romantic get away? Do you enjoy lots of activity on board a ship? One size does not fit all when it comes to cruise vacations.

Cruise lines and their ships have personalities just as we do. There are luxury liners, mega ships, fun ships, ships with casinos, golf, basketball, spas, virtually whatever suits your fancy. It's just a matter of fitting it all in and finding the deal that is a good fit for you.

A Cruise specialist will find out which cruise would fit your personal style. They will discover what your desires are in a vacation and then go to work to find the best deal for you. There are discounts that they can look for that may include a special rate for being a Florida resident, or maybe you have sailed on a Cruise Line before and would be eligible for a loyal passenger rate. There are also group discounts they may be able to put you in and you don't even have to know anyone else in the group.

Cruise Specialists will book your reservation by using a system that will mimic and show the same fares that a Cruise Line Reservationist would see. The difference is that they will tell you about all the specials that would apply to you and help you stay within the amount you can afford.

The goal of the cruise specialist is to get repeat business. We want you to tell all your friends about what a great cruise you had and how we helped you to attain that. Some people think that they will get a better price by cutting out the middle man. In truth, without Cruise Agents, the Cruise Lines couldn't fill their ships. Our prices are equal or lower than going directly to the Cruise line or other on line travel sites. We give you our honest opinions about which Cruise Lines are offering the best deals. If you went into Burger King and couldn't afford their meals, do you think they would send you to MacDonald's? I think not!! When you call our number, you are going to reach us each and every time. The Cruise Line Reservationist is on a rotating call so you will get a different person handling your reservation every time. We want to gain your trust and treat you as a cherished friend. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So for valuable advice, personal and customized service and a long term relationship regardless of which cruise line you book, seek out a cruise specialist. After, all it's YOUR vacation and your money so entrust it to a professional who truly wants you to have the best experience and most memorable cruise.

The deal that would be best is the one that fits your lifestyle into the destination, cabin and ship that will have you talking about for many years to come. The satisfied client is the one who has found the perfect fit, filled with activities that will have you thinking, When is it time to plan our next cruise vacation.

Our job as Cruise specialist will be to help prepare you by answering all your questions such as, What to pack, how do I book a shore excursion, what documents do I need. You wouldn't go to your hair dresser for advice on how to fix your car. Cruise Specialist-that is what we are here for, we can book your hotels and transportation to the port as well as air. It's all part of the service. What are you waiting for? Call us for the deal that will get you your dream cruise vacation.

Robbie Claus is a Cruise Specialist who has first hand knowledge and experience on the ins and outs of cruise deals. To get your best cruise deal contact her now.