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Cruise Ship Traveling with Children Under Twelve

By Alex Stewart 

Cruising on a ship isn't just for young couples and seniors anymore; it's now a full-family vacation destination. Increasingly, cruise lines are beginning to offer family-focused cruises, while others are geared specifically toward families with young children.

Offering child care, kid-specific activities, entertainment for both kids and adults and kid-friendly menus, these family-focused cruises allow parents to actually take a break on their vacations. No more long drives spent with hours of crying in the car, cramped hotel rooms or afternoons dragging kids out sightseeing. Family cruising allows parents of young children to truly enjoy their vacation.

Keep reading to learn more about cruise ship traveling with children under the age of twelve - along with what to expect, tips on booking and a few pointers on how to get the most out of your family cruise.

What to Expect on a Family Cruise

Most family cruises go beyond the typical entertainment offers of a dance hall, arcade, movie theatre and supervised swimming. Yes, all those things would keep your child entertained, but they may not be engaging, active or properly supervised.

Typically, a family cruise that's geared toward children under the age of twelve will also offer children's entertainment programs like live performance matinees. They should also provide "day camp" programs that actively engage your children in group activities as well as shore excursions or training programs that are kid centered. For example, one cruise line offers a kids-only, on-board tennis camp while another gives daily swim lessons. An additional benefit of family-focused cruising is the food. Unlike an adults-only cruise, the menus are usually a little more kid-friendly and offer up kid-sized portions.

On top of that, the wait staff and other ship crew members are already trained and comfortable working with children - which can be a big help when someone starts a temper tantrum at dinner.

How to Book a Cruise for Kids

Before you book, look for a cruise ship that's specifically geared toward children. By selecting a cruise that tailors to the vacation needs of you and your children, you're more likely to reap the benefits of extra daycare options, increased child-targeted recreational activities, kid-friendly entertainment and other amenities that parents and their offspring really want.

Remember, the services, activities and amenities mentioned will vary from cruise to cruise, but if you book a ship that's targeted specifically toward families and families with young children - you're going to enjoy a true family vacation, for both the parents and the kids.

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