Invest 6500 Dollars - Double It In One Month

By Martin Thomas

Recently I was talking to a Chinese manufacturer of Vespa style scooters. This manufacturer had a large selection of colors and styles and it dawned on me, that the peak oil crisis is only going to get worse, and this style of transportation will become more and more popular as time wears on.

These little machines have a top speed of a massive 30 miles an hour and they can climb a hill as steep as 22 degrees fully loaded. OK they are not exactly a muscle car style of transport, but they run on a thimble full of gas. They are also available as electric units. I have a strong feeling there will be more scooting going on in years to come as gas approaches $10.00 a gallon, which is quite possible.

This Chinese manufacturer I had been speaking to on MSN was telling me he can have a container load shipped within 20 days to me. I had visions of my garage filled with these unsold scooters, but then it occurred to me, why not get a sample scooter and pre-sell them to retailers.

The entire container of 20 units was priced at $6500 USD That is around $300 per unit. I have seen these scooters selling for $3000 brand new, so this is quite a deep discount. I was obviously not dealing with a middle man but the actual manufacturer.

I could easily get $600 for each scooter and the retailer could sell them for $2000 or $3000 each. I am certain I could sell all of them quite easily at $600 each. The key is to take deposits. But this is an easy way to quickly double $6500 into $13,000

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