Investing $10,500 in a Completely New Business Idea - Be Innovative with This Example

By Martin Thomas

Recently I was driving through a small town when something remarkable caught my eye. There on the main intersection in this small town just above the traffic light was an L.E.D "Smart Sign" My eyes were treated to an incredible looking display. Signage that moves.

If you don't know what an L.E.D. is, it stands for light emitting diode. They are a little plastic bauble, usually red or green that is found in all manner of electronics. Your TV set has one at the bottom next to the on button. When your TV is on standby, this little diode emits light.

Recently I have noticed quite a few traffic lights being fitted with diodes instead of the old light and colored lens design. There is something quite appealing about the way these diodes look when they are in large numbers, seeing them lit up in daylight is quite a futuristic looking experience, they have an eery glow. They have a lot of appeal and even just for that reason, I assume in time they will be the popular new choice. Of course, they also use a fraction of the power that bulb lights use in the example of the traffic light. Also they rarely "blow" because they dont have a filament, they just glow from the current passed through them.

With a little research, anyone could learn how to make these signs. They look like moving billboards. Almost like a TV screen, but not quite. From a distance, they look like moving paint. The novelty factor means these types of signage could be sold for quite a high price. The other advantage for business owners, is that their shop front signage need not be static. They can design any message and feed it into the computer that runs the sign and it will automatically display that message.

These L.E.D.'s can be purchased in any color required and I have learned that they are developing multi color diodes that will glow any color required. This is a business with a big future. Imagine securing a government contract to replace all traffic lights around the Nation! Investing just $10,000 or more in this idea and getting involved can really pay off.

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