A $0 Dollar Investment Opportunity - An Example In Your Own Back Yard

By Martin Thomas

Investing for high returns is one thing. Getting a $100 percent return for most investors is a dream come true. But if you spend $1000 to make $2000 and you are delighted with such a return, what would happen if you invested $0 dollars. How do you rate that as a return? The return therefore becomes infinite, because you spent nothing. Where can you get real value for free? This article explores one such place.

To get something of value for free in most cases would mean a five finger discount, or in either words theft. But there is a legal place where you can "steal" as much as you like and it is not only legal but the government encourages it because it creates jobs and encourages societal culture.

Did you know that no one may own the intellectual property rights to the Mona Lisa? You or anybody else may take this image and print it and profit from this paintings image without fear of copy right infringement. It is considered within the domain of public intellectual property rights.

In fact, anything, written, photographed, printed or painted before the year 1924 is in the public domain and is the heritage of all citizens. It is a sweeping law that recognizes movies and images of all manner. Even inventions that are not currently patented can be "stolen" in this way if they were created before 1924

You may even put your own name to the literary work if you wish. These works of value are completely free for any entrepreneur to use in any manner they see fit. What can you do with these under exploited valuable assets? Print and sell them. Offer them for sale or re-use them in creative ways for profit. The public domain is a gold mine of value waiting to be legally exploited by anyone clever enough to use it. FREE!

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