6 Things My Millionaire Mentor Taught Me

By  Vanessa Lewis

There will be 10 million NEW millionaires over the next 10 years according to Paul Zane Pilzer our nation's foremost economist and financial forecaster. So the life changing question is , "Will you be one of them?" Earning millions of dollars no longer has to be ONLY a dream; it can be your reality.

Many people are cashing in on today's truths. And so am I. I have the privilege of mentorship and exposure to one of the greatest wealth coaches. My millionaire mentor Myron Golden has not only taught me life changing principles he has shown me how to implement them. If you are ready to be the next millionaire then take a further read.

1. Start changing the way you think. Your mind generates wealth or poverty. As my millionaire mentor says "Poor people are not poor because they have no money, poor people are poor because they are (mentality) poor."

2. Understand how money works. If you do not understand financial principles, then those principles are being used against you by people who do understand them. Lack of knowledge about how most

financial principles work will keep you in poverty.

3. Manage your money as a millionaire. A money management system is an important factor in becoming rich. Don't wait to become rich to start managing your money-start now with Myron's CAN system.

4. Stop trading time for money. The reason people work for money is because they believe time is money. Millionaires know that time is not money. You can always get more money; but you can't always get more time.

5. Find a business that is hands free. Passive and residual money is an ultimate avenue to becoming a millionaire. Millionaires own business systems. They let their business give them time and money freedom.

6. Find a treasure guide who has already found the treasure. Take financial advice from people who are millionaires. Find a guide who has already found the millionaire treasure, allow him or her to take you by the hand and lead you to where it is.

The next millionaires are in progress because millionaire coaches are leading them. The coaches are not just limited to mentorship they can become friends.

A recent survey conducted determined your income is the average of your friends' income. Isn't time to get some new friends? Myron Golden is the author of "From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere http://www.trashmantocashman.com

Vanessa Lewis is a mom-preneur empowering stay-at-home-moms to live out their entrepreneurial dreams. http://www.girlsniteoutspa.com

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