What is the Meaning of Harmonic Wealth?

By Paul Sutherland

If someone came up and asked you whether you wanted to be wealthy, what would you say? "No thanks. I like being poor." Of course not! Now, what about the other aspects of your life? Are you wealthy in relationships, your career, spiritually, emotionally, and health-wise? Do you personally want to know the meaning of harmonic wealth?

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, harmony is "a pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony, the order and harmony of the universe. So, according to the definition of harmony, then true harmonic wealth must include more than an awesome bank account, because a truly wealthy life has to mean more than money.

If wealth is the main component of a happy existence, then why do people like Howard Hughes have all the money they could possibly need, and still die a lonely, secluded man? Money may buy you a lot of material possessions and pay the bills, but it is true-money cannot buy you true happiness.

To have true harmonic wealth you need to be happy in all aspects of your life, including your personal relationships. A life devoid of true

love and friendship is truly poor. Even if you have the money to buy companionship by essentially spoiling others to hang around, that is not true companionship. Would the people in your life still be there if you did not have two coins to rub together?

Likewise, even with all the money in the world, will you be happy if your body is unhealthy. Sure, you have the money for the best of health care, but doctors can only do so much. If you are sick a lot, will you truly enjoy your monetary wealth and relationships? No. Probably not.

Similarly, you may have a great job that provides you with wealth. The money helps you pay for the big fancy house in a posh neighborhood. You family is in want for nothing. However, you are not happy at work. Your job is simply a means to an end. You are not doing what you would really love to do for a career. Are you truly wealthy? Not exactly.

The true meaning of harmonic wealth is feeling rich in every area of your life. Spiritually, you are a peace with who you are at the very core of your being. Emotionally, you are happy and you are rich in love and friendship; you enjoy good health, and you have plenty of money. If you have achieved happiness and contentment in all areas of life, you probably already know the true meaning of harmonic wealth.

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