Students - Building Wealth Starts With SAVING Money!

By Stephen Burford

If you don't have a part time job or parents supporting you, getting through University just on your loan is going to be tough work! You are going to need all the tips you can get.

• Keep a budget! Work out how much money you have got for a term and how many weeks you have got to spend it. Divide the two and this is what you should spend each week.

• Whatever money you have worked out you should spend each week, get this money out of the bank each Monday and don't spend anymore unless you really need to. Save any money that is spare at the end of the week and buy yourself something nice!

• Write down what you have spent each day. You'll soon see what money you are wasting. Think about every single pound you spend!

• Try to win some stuff and get paid for some free surveys.

• Make sure you get the cheapest mobile phone offers

• Get yourself a part-time job! You'll meet new people and have extra ££ to spend each month.

• Shop at Asda, so much cheaper than anywhere else! Buy own brand stuff to make even further savings. Avoid shopping at the local corner shop for your groceries, as this will raise all your costs.

• Sell stuff you don't need on ebay!

• If you are going on holiday remember to get cheap UK travel insurance

• Get the cheapest broadband deals if you are intending to get Internet Access in your student house.

• Remember to take out student possessions insurance. Although it is not directly saving you money because you are spending it. It will save you so much money if you have to claim.

• This is probably going to be impossible...try not to drink so much alcohol. Budget for how much alcohol you are going to spend each week.

• Cook with your friends. Save money each week by making a massive bowl of pasta between you all rather than cooking for yourself. Spend quality time with your friends too. What could be better!

• Buy used books. Amazon is the best place for this.

• Get to the library quick when you know what books you need, this will save money buying them. If you do have to buy them, then sell them afterwards!

• Save energy, save the planet and save money at the same time. Turn lights off and don't leave things on standby.

• Don't get a credit card! They apply SO much interest!

• If you want cheap car insurance then use our to get the best possible deal!

• Instead use the free overdraft facility at your bank!

• If you are dating someone new then take advantage of Mother Nature and it's wonders. Work on your charm, witty chat, humour and sex appeal rather than relying on your wallet!

And money saving tips you should never try unless you are REALLY desperate...

• Don't save money by never buying shower gel or soap - you will stink.

• Don't sell your body for money - you'll get an STI.

• Bank robbing - you will go to prison.

• Stealing from shops - prison again.

• Selling your internal organs for cash - not legal and ebay won't allow it.

• Dealing drugs - one guess?

• Don't live on the streets - begging is not the way forward!

We will be giving you new weekly tips on how to save money, so fear not there will be much more advice coming your way!

Enjoy your saving!

This article was written by Steve Burford of This article is about how to get some student free stuff and further student advice.

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