Why You Should Get Rich!

By David D. Wells

You owe it to yourself to get rich. You must live up to your full potential. Getting rich will help you fulfill your highest potential. If you are capable of learning how to earn wealth then you must do so. Failure to put forth the necessary energy into learning how to attract wealth means you are living less than your full potential.

You must not get rich for mere selfish gains but to help others including your family, community, and fellow countrymen. You must help meet the needs of others. You can only do this if you have plenty for yourself as well.

Building wealth is an effect. Find the cause that will give you the effect of building wealth. As Wallace Wattles wrote in the Science of Getting Rich, one must do a certain thing in a certain way. In other words, there are exact steps in every business that if you follow these same steps in a specific order, you can not help but to yield the results of the successful men and women who went before you.

Naturally, your first step is to seek out a wealth building opportunity that is of particular interest to you. Your interest for this opportunity will help you seek to learn more. Your quest for more knowledge in an area of immediate interest to you will cause you to notice people who are already successful in your wealth building opportunity.

Learn how these people became successful and the exact steps they took. Ask these people what they would do differently and what had the biggest impact on their success. More than likely these people will tell you the most critical components to their wealth building experience.

Engage in the wealth building experience by taking action to build wealth. Do not simply read about accumulating money but instead make it your mission to attract wealth. Make the decision right now to dedicate as long as it takes for you to achieve wealth.

Be careful not to fall in love with money. If you fall in love with money you will begin to cheat others. Wealth building should be about improving the lives of everyone around you. Money should enhance your life and not take away from it.

Master money but do not let money master you. This will give you time to enjoy your family. It will allow you to do things you want and go places you never dreamed of. I believe this is the way life was meant to be lived.

In conclusion, you deserve to be rich. Building wealth will help you reach your full potential. You will have the ability to give more to others and improve your life. Begin your journey into wealth building. You can start your journey by seeking out someone who has the unique ability to show you how to make more money.

Remember to take the exact steps in the exact order. Not taking the exact steps in the exact order can be the difference between wealth and barely getting by. Decide now to do what it takes to be rich.

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