Fastest Way To Get Rich - 5 Easy QuickStart Steps

By  Vern How Chan

Do You Think Getting Rich Is All About Luck?

Before we actually begin, I'd like to drill this into your mind. Luck basically means good fortune but there is also another saying which goes, "the harder you work the luckier you'll get". While the steps outlined here certainly is proven, you need to take action on it in order for it to work.

Let's begin.

Step 1: Waking Up From Daydreaming

As embarrassing as it maybe to admit we as humans are always wanting to be rewarded for doing the least amount of work possible. Sometimes you might even sit on your front porch imagining the day you'll be standing in front of your large mansion on a hill.

Yes, we all do need a dream but remember that you need to snap out of your trance once in awhile and take stock of your current circumstances. Then, make a conscious effort to move on to make your goals a reality.

Step 2: Goals Needs To Be Planned Too

In actual fact your goals will ultimately shape your destiny but planning realistic goals will indeed be your first step. Let me take for example that you want to start a business or earn more money by taking a part-time job.

Its not something you'd expect to get rich but its a "mini-goal" and certainly is part of the fastest way to get rich.

Don't believe me?

There was a friend of mine which had a day job and took a weekend part-time job as a car salesman. By the 5th year he was earning a six figure income and on track to achieving his first million. Now, you can certainly say that nothing is impossible.

So, again make your goals realistic just like if you have a day job think about how much time you can realistically devote to generate more income.

Step 3: Putting It Into Small Action Steps

Without going off course from the main topic lets say for example you decide to start an online business. With the advancement of technology wealth is generated so much faster than a decade ago.

What you need is a hosting site plus a product to sell right?

East. Just determine your budget for your monthly expenses and the amount of time to devote to researching what the market wants and that matches your interest in a product that you will sell. Do factor in time spend daily in your equation.

Step 4: Completing The Big Picture

But thats not all. You not only need to know the smaller action steps. Remember that a quarterly goal is also encouraged. Such as at the end of 3 months in following your action steps, you should see at least a $1000 monthly flowing into your 'passive income' statement.

Don't be shy to set your sights to achieve something you've never had the guts to do before. Making money and getting rich is all about overcoming the impossible.

Remember, your quarterly plans will determine your year end accomplishment in which also contributes to the fastest way to get rich.

Step 5: It Won't Be Easy But...

I didn't say that getting rich is easy. But if it was everyone would be even your next door neighbor's kid! What we have discussed is that taking the first 5 steps you have here will be the easiest part to start off with.

You might want to get trusted advisers and mentors along the way to help you in achieving your ultimate dream or desire. Then, treat them with respect and they will even lend you a helping hand.

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