Creating Wealth Starting From Zero
By James Cassa

A habit is a pattern of behavior repeated over and over again. Constant repetition. After a while it becomes automatic and you don't have to think about it. This is why it is important to establish good habits. Creating wealth can be linked directly to our habits. If you don't have the habits you want you can start with something small. A small simple habit, newly acquired, established over time can give you a lot of confidence. Its the sense of accomplishment that gives you the self confidence. Once a small , simple , habit is set in motion other, more challenging, habits can be added. You will soon have a long list of good wealth habits that you can look back at and be proud of.

Accumulating wealth takes time and is the result of good habits. Here are seven effective wealth habits.

1. Save.
Saving money is simple. How many of us do it? The idea of spending less than you earn so the surplus money can be invested into assets that go up in value is a major step in wealth creation.

2. Investment Seminars.
Learn and earn. Not all seminars are the same. Sure. Some of them are structured to sell you stuff with a total lack of consideration towards your financial welfare. But after a couple you tend to spot these easily. There are some good ones out there. A good seminar will give you powerful financial distinctions.

3. Eradicate Your Own Self Sabotage.
Strange, even hard to believe, yet nevertheless true. Many of us accumulate wealth and the go and destroy what we worked so hard to make. This is called self sabotage. It can be fixed. It needs to be fixed if financial headway is to be achieved.

4. Find A Millionaire Mentor.
Your can learn heaps from someone that has already done it. Those into NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) call it 'modeling'. You take somebody that has massive success and you study them. Their distinctions and associations can then be added to yours. You can then get to where you want to go faster.

5. Start Buying Assets That Go Up In Value.
Start small. Buying something that goes up in value. Many wealthy people started this way. It is the small steps, done nicely, that add up. Everyone started small in the beginning. I know of people, men and women, who started form nothing and now have substantial wealth.

6. Teach Others.
Do you know what is the fastest way to learn? To teach. Once you have some know how select someone to explain it to. Not only will this confirm to yourself what you know your communication will also improve. Organization of your ideas and expressing them clearly is a valuable skill to have.

7. Invest In Your Ongoing Wealth Education.
Books, tapes, compact discs. Investing in your own wealth education in empowering. Many successful people have an ongoing self improvement program where they are constantly learning. What I have figured out is that if someone successful is doing it then I should at least have a look at it. This open attitude to learning has paid me big dividends.

8. Wealth habit Number 8.
Hey just one more. Do you want to know a powerful, yet simple Wealth habit that I use? I pick one thing to work on. For example learning about the stock market. I totally focus on it. After a while , with a growing knowledge base and an attitude of constant improvement, it becomes a habit. Then I select another subject to focus on. When you focus on one subject at a time it allows you to develop a lot of power. You can devote all your energy to it. One highly effective wealth habit at a time will get you to where you want to go.

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