The Fastest Way On Earth To Make Money - Period
By Alex Danner

If you're looking to make large sums of money in relatively little time, you need to leverage your knowledge to the hilt. And by far the best way to do this is to find needy sellers (it doesn't matter what they're selling), increase the value of the asset they were selling, and flip that asset to a buyer who intends to use that asset for long term profit.

This is exactly what the most profitable corporations on earth do every single day to earn the big bucks. Ever heard of private equity buyout firms? They buy distressed assets, make some improvements, and then sell them for huge gains.

Heck, this is exactly what real estate flippers did during the hayday of the real estate boom. However, even during the real estate boom, I stayed away from crowded, competitive markets like real estate.

I preferred to compete in markets with little or no competition. In fact, my favorite was -- believe it or not -- bulk candy vending. Absurd as it sounds, you can make serious cash in vending. Let me explain:

Most bulk candy vendors are horrible at evaluating how much their business (asset) is worth. By taking advantage of this knowledge gap, I made money hand over fist on little vending route deals.

So what's the moral of the story?

By find undervalued assets with needy sellers, improve them, and sell to long term operators. Anyone can do this, if they only put in the SMART, FOCUSED EFFORT it takes to become successful.

Alex Danner has been a successful entrepreneur in many fields, but most notably bulk candy vending. If you want to learn how to make massive profits using little start up capital in this highly lucrative field, go to and learn more.

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