How Can You Create Wealth Without First Believing You Can?
By Loretta Kay

Financial freedom is something we all aspire to, and yet it seems so elusive. Why is this? Why do some people find it easy, and others find it so hard? Some people just have to think of an idea for making money, and hey presto! before you know it, they are becoming a great success. I know people like this - it can be infuriating! Especially when you try so hard, you look around for the right product to sell, the right program to promote, get the right job with the right prospects, and yet somehow, all your efforts fall just short of what you were expecting!

Did you get that last bit? 'just short of what you were expecting'. Just what were you expecting? You see, it is my philosophy, that we actually attract and then get what we are expecting. Somehow, in this universe, we are able to magnetise towards us the things we think about most. Whatever we focus upon on a consistent basis, we draw nearer to us. Therefore, we need to examine our beliefs to see if they are in alignment with what we actually want out of life. If you are going through life experiencing disappointment and financial failure, then somewhere along the lines, you have got your wires crossed and are sending out conflicting messages to the universe. I know it all sounds far-fetched and even a little bit crazy (what's wrong with that?), but if you are experiencing failure on a daily basis - ouch - then what harm is there in just looking at the concept of 'you are what you believe you are'.

You see, I believe that your circumstances mirror your beliefs. A period of intense examination of your beliefs is required if you are not getting the financial (or other) success you want in your life. There is something standing in your way. Take a trip deep within yourself and see if you can hear or see those little voices saying 'you'll never do it - you're not clever enough, or brave enough, or pretty enough, or old enough, or young enough, or healthy enough, etc, etc' Do you see what I mean, there is usually an inner critic standing in your way of success and you need to eliminate this source of criticism to be able to break through into the world of success. To be able to live up to what you know you are capable of. By simply ignoring these voices and pretending they are not there, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to be successful in whatever we desire. These inner critics need to be acknowledged and understood if we are to move forward in our lives. Take an inner journey through relaxation techniques to speak with these critics and ask them why they are are stopping your in your quest for success. Once they have been acknowledged, you will find they stop niggling you and you are able to start accumulating success, slowly at first and then faster and faster until your life is one big success story!

You always have a choice - you can choose to stay on believing the way you do now, or you can start looking at ways to break through these limiting beliefs and stand up on your own two feet and achieve the financial success (and other successes) that you deserve after all your efforts!

To be a success, don't procrastinate - you just have to take action to rid yourself of old, self-destructive habits.

Loretta Kay, a learner in life, who has broken through the chains of self-doubt and achieving mastery in her own life. Join me!

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