38 Fun and Easy Ways to Make $500 Next Weekend
By Annalaura Brown

Do you need to make some extra money? Try some of these ideas. I realize some of them may be a bit on the extreme side but why not give them a try?

1. Help a group do a fundraiser and keep a few dollars of the purchase price for yourself. (This only works obviously if your product has a high enough mark up price.)

2. Create an e-book and sell it online.

3. Go to payperpost and any other paid to blog sites you can find and send a few hours writing on your blog for advertisers.

4. Sell some products at a flea market or trade show.

5. Work all weekend at your job.

6. Host a business conference and share your expertise with others.

7. Design a website for another company.

8. Sell all of your junk on Ebay.

9. Sign up a few new people into your network marketing business.

10. Host a home party.

11. Do an online party.

12. Teach some web design lessons.

13. Teach some lessons in a foreign language.

14. If you have a blog with high enough traffic you can start an adsense campaign or sell advertising on it.

15. Sell some affiliate products.

16. Host a webinar.

17. Create an irresistible offer and send it out to your newsletter or email list.

18. Create some kind of craft item and sell it at a bazaar or to your friends and family.

19. Do some one on one consulting with a business professional.

20. Ask all your friends and everyone you know for $5.00 (ok I'm particially joking but I couldn't resist including it here.)

21. Partner up with another business owner and help sell their products.

22. Work a temporary job all weekend.

23. Create a new piece of software and sell it.

24. Host a yard sale.

25. Teach someone how to use a computer.

26. Find someone who is trying to sell something and then offer to help them for a commission.

27. Find a large group who needs food for an event and let them pay you to cater the food for it.

28. Clean a few houses.

29. Babysit ten children all weekend.

30. Take care of a large number of dogs or other animals.

31. Become an errand courier for someone or a few people for the weekend.

32. Teach some music lessons.

33. Dress up like a clown and do a few birthday parties.

34. Put on a great magic show for a large group.

35. Build a blog for a professional.

36. Find another business who needs your products and sell some to them.

37. Cut the hair of several of your friends or family members.

38. Give cheap massages to anyone who has an interest.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful home business owner, networker and internet marketing expert. She has been making money online since 2005 and enjoys helping others learn to do the same. Learn more about her and get some helpful home business resources at http://www.annalaurabrown.com

Request her free ebook on how to choose and be successful with a home business at http://www.freehomebizebook.com

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