Invest $1000 In Your Own High Value Product - One Idea

By Martin Thomas

The recent rehabbing boom has opened many business and investment opportunities. One such extremely high value opportunity is poly filler. Old homes that people repair and re-paint generally have gaps all over the place. The foundations move over many years and the house settles, but that means gaps become common all through out these older homes.

One of the most high value things that can be done, to improve a home which is very easy for real estate investors is to use this silicon gap filler through out the house before painting over the repairs. This really ads enormous value to a home. It stops drafts coming through the cracks and stops pests from getting in from under the house. It also improves the look of the interior of the house tremendously.

Currently there are only a few brands of this poly filler that dominate the market. They typically sell 100 tubes or more for each home being painted by rehabbers. The material to make this gap filler can be bought by the drum and pressed into the tubes to be sold as individual packaged products.

After doing some research I have found quite a few manufacturers of this silicon based white filler. The drum can be purchased for under $500 and 1000 blank tubes can be bought for $200

After making the product, they can be wholesaled for over $3 dollars a piece. The retailer sells the item for $5.99 or what ever they feel is the best price. This is one opportunity to invest $1000 for a quick return of $2000 or even $3000

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